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Change the tide of the BATTLE with our brand-new ADVANTAGE SYSTEM!  Somewhat akin to a PENALTY PLAY in Hockey, the ADVANTAGE SYSTEM allows for strategic surgical strikes as well as all-out, pell-mell frontal assaults… up to you to use it wisely!

This system is automatically in place in ALL existing WZs, SKIRMISHES and AMBUSHES… including CIVIL WAR SIEGES!

How it works is simple… throughout SKYRIM there are many ways to gain an ADVANTAGE.  Among those ways might be to overtake an OUTPOST, kill or rob a COURIER, kill a HIGH COMMANDER or a BOSS, destroy a STRONGHOLD, read a critical piece of intelligence…






The IMPERIAL fellows above are currently enjoying an ADVANTAGE.  See that “glow” around them and their pals?  That is indicative of one of the many random ADVANTAGES NPCs can receive.

The second IMPERIAL is enjoying a DIFFERENT ADVANTAGE than the first one.  There are others… you’ll know ’em when you see ’em.

When an ADVANTAGE is given, the ADVANTAGED side can – randomly – receive any/all of the below for a set period of time:

  • A “ADVANTAGE” spell which will surround members of the ADVANTAGED FACTION
  • A population boost
  • A complete HEAL for all ADVANTAGED NPCs

DISADVANTAGED faction may experience any/all of the below:

  • Weakness from proximity to an ADVANTAGED and “cloaked” NPC
  • A population decrease (in other words, fewer NPCs from the DISADVANTAGED faction will spawn thereby making your assault upon them that much easier)
  • Stat-drainage


As illustrated above, when an ADVANTAGE is activated, you will get a message in the upper-left of your screen indicated WHY it was given, to WHOM it was given and for HOW LONG.  Similarly, when an ADVANTAGE expires, a message will display indicating the conclusion of the ADVANTAGED time.

Depending upon the type of ADVANTAGE granted, you will be ADVANTAGED for a period of real-time no less than 1 minute.  The greater the challenge, the greater the reward in terms of time.

ADVANTAGES, can – and should – be used to strategic effect.  Entering a WZ with an ADVANTAGE will potentially give your faction a HUGE boost in the conflict.

There are no user configurable options for The ADVANTAGE SYSTEM.