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Within EVERY WARZONE and CIVIL WAR BATTLE you can now find random spawning REINFORCEMENTS!

In the past, once the initial “push” was concluded, the battle was basically over… now, not so much.

This setting will determine the MAXIMUM amount of REINFORCEMENTS-per-FACTION that will potentially SPAWN.

REINFORCEMENTS will continue to spawn for upwards of five cycles, continuously populating the WARZONE with new soldiers from either (or both) factions.

REINFORCEMENTS will immediately rush to the aid of their comrades and can turn the tide of the battle.

REINFORCEMENTS are governed by the MAX NPC CAP.




In all WZs, the possibility now exists for randomized REINFORCEMENTS to be spawned in order to keep up the carnage.
This is a SPAWN COUNT setting.
If you find that the reinforcements are too plentiful (or not enough), adjust as you like.
Default = 2 possible NPCs per FACTION per cycle.
0 = Off.

This is a SPAWN COUNT.  It is separate from your WZ SPAWN COUNT.

A setting of 2 will potentially spawn 2 NPCs per FACTION per cycle.

Increasing this will produce the potential for more NPCs, and can therefore impact your performance.

If you find that you’re getting some lag due to the addition of REINFORCEMENTS, you may opt to reduce this to 1.

0 will disable all REINFORCEMENTS.

REINFORCEMENTS are not included in the STRONGHOLDS.

REINFORCEMENTS are governed by the NPC CLAMP.