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New OUTPOSTS and CAMPS are placed throughout SKYRIM to aid in the CIVIL WAR.  Both are heavily guarded and fortified… and both can contain useful information and/or loot.

These are RANDOMLY generated and RANDOMLY populated…

What’s that mean?

First, WZAA determines whether it should enable an OUTPOST or CAMP.  If so, it then determines who should populate it.  Sometimes it’ll be IMPERIALS, sometimes STORMCLOAKS and sometimes BOTH will be vying for control.

Generally speaking, you’re not welcome into any of them, but you can take your chances as you like.

Each will likely contain a HIGH COMMANDER, who – if killed – will offer an ADVANTAGE.  Each may also contain special loot or notes.  Some may contain triggers to unlock new battles.

CAMPS generally spawn only at night, when the travelers need to bed down for the evening.

OUTPOSTS can appear at any time.

OUTPOSTS can be destroyed!  But I’m not going to tell you how.



Randomly enabled and populated OUTPOSTS, FORTS and CAMPS can be enabled across SKYRIM.
This determines the frequency – in percentage – at which you may see them.
Default = 10% chance of enable
0 = Off


There are about 20 OUTPOSTS and CAMPS that can be enabled by the Player’s proximity to them.

Destroyed OUTPOSTS will remain throughout the remainder of the game.  Otherwise, upon return to the area, a previously spawned OUTPOST or CAMP may or may not be there.

Setting to 0 will disable ALL OUTPOSTS and CAMPS.