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This is a PERFORMANCE FEATURE.  Should you be attempting to adjust the ratio of a particular type of NPC (Courier, Fanatic, Reinforcements, Swarms, etc), please do so by adjusting their specific MCM settings.

With all the potential for additional NPCs that WARZONES : ASSAULT ATTACK brings you, I’ve added a handy-dandy NPC capper in order for you to keep your NPC count in check.

What it does is simple… it counts the TOTAL amount of NPCs currently active within a CELL* and, if there are more than you’ve allowed, WZAA will simply not spawn until such time as there are fewer.

This impacts the spawning of REINFORCEMENTSCOURIERSFANATICS, CIVILIANS and SWARMS.  It does NOT cap the spawning of NPCs from other mods, but it will take their presence into account.

Should you find that your game starts to get sluggish due to all the NPCs, simply lower this value until you are satisfied…

… if you want (and can handle) MORE NPCs, then by all means, raise it as you like.

*What’s a cell? In short, the game is constructed of cells… like a graph paper.  The game will load the cell you are standing in and the surrounding cells.  How many surrounding cells is determined by your UGRIDS setting.  Additionally, depending upon your DISTANCE settings, some items/NPCs may not be fully loaded until you’ve gotten closer to them.  In most cases (UGRIDS = 5) this means the game is attempting to load 5×5 cells.

*thanks to CHRISDOVAKHIN for the screenshot!



Clamps the MAX NPCs allowed in a Cell.
Default = 20
0 = Disables all additional WZAA NPCs from spawning (COURIERS, REINFORCEMENTS, FANATICS, etc).  Better to adjust these in their individual MCM setting rather than using this as a “global”.