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Placed throughout EVERY WARZONE and CIVIL WAR BATTLE are random LANDMINES…

Standing on one will yield the predictable result of you blowing up.

They are randomly enabled and are triggered by the PLAYER, CREATURES and/or NPCs – anything that triggers them will go boom.

In some areas, MINE FIELDS are marked, in others, they’re not.

A careful observer can glean where landmines are placed… a careless one had best bring some Health Potions.


Adds randomly spawned LANDMINES to existing WZs and CIVIL WAR battles.
This is a RATIO.  ie: If set to 2, there is a 1-in-2 chance of a particular LANDMINE being enabled.
NPCs and/or the PLAYER must enter the area for the LANDMINE to explode – obviously.
Default = 2 (1-in-2 chance of activation)
1 = Always activate
0 = Off

This is a RATIO.  With a setting of 2, you have a 1-in-2 chance of the LANDMINE becoming enabled.

Setting this to 1 will enable all LANDMINES.  This doesn’t mean that every LANDMINE will explode every time since there is a random component to them.

A setting of 0 will disable all LANDMINES.

This setting does not impact any LANDMINES placed within the STRONGHOLDS.