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FANATICS are the type of person who REALLY take their allegiances seriously… to suicidal extremes.

There are FANATICS on both the IMPERIAL and STORMCLOAK sides of the war.  In some cases, they will be encouraged by their faction-mates, and in others, they will be scorned… but in all cases, their death (or getting hit) means instant carnage.

They are always found with an explosive barrel on their backs… but not all NPCs with a barrel will be FANATICS…

FANATICS can be used strategically, in point of fact… but as to how, well, I’ll leave that to you to determine.


NPCs who take their allegiances quite seriously will spawn throughout Skyrim.  I suggest running from them.
Default = 1% chance of spawning.
0 = Off.

The setting is the percentile chance that a FANATIC will spawn from one of thousands of WZ SPAWN points.  This means that FANATICS can (and will) potentially appear in ALL WZs, SKIRMISHES and AMBUSHES (as governed by your WZ MCM settings).

1% is, I believe, more than sufficient to get the point across, but you may adjust as you like.

If the script determines that a FANATIC should spawn, it will then determine that FANATIC’S faction alignment and disposition.

A setting of 0 will disable all FANATICS.