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Scattered throughout Skyrim are all manner of FACTION COURIERS.

What’s that mean?

Simple.  Sometimes you’ll come across COURIERS who are carrying potentially important intelligence.  Capture or kill the COURIER, read the note and you will potentially be rewarded with an ADVANTAGE for your faction.  You may be rewarded with information that will help – or hinder – your faction.  You may get nothing.

COURIERS are lightning fast, but not too inclined to fighting.  If they get away from you, they’re gone forever… and any ADVANTAGE you may have gained goes with them.

COURIERS all have destinations.  Some may be on the run when you meet them, some may not.  If, in the deep distance, you see someone running somewhere, that may be a COURIER.

COURIERS will often spawn with GUARDS, so be wary.

You may adjust the frequency of which you’ll see COURIERS via the WZAA MCM


COURIERS carrying potentially important documents will spawn throughout Skyrim.
Default = 10% chance of spawning.
0 = Off.

For COURIERS, this is a percentile chance of spawning from one of the hundreds of “COURIER SPAWNERS” placed throughout SKYRIM.

The default of 10% means that as you happen upon each SPAWNER, there is a 10% chance that it will enable the COURIER.  If you’d like to see more COURIERS, you may increase this number.  If you’d like to see fewer – or none – then decrease it.

If the script determines that it should enable a COURIER, it will then determine which FACTION to spawn, which “direction” the COURIER should be headed and whether or not to spawn with GUARDS.

FUN FACTThe WZAA tag-line, “A New Incentive For Killing the Messenger” was borrowed from the song “MUZZLE ORDER” featured on the incredible CD “MIDWEST PANDEMIC” by the sadly defunct band, TWELVE TRIBES.  Give them some love by clicking here.