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CHAOS FX display when a SIEGE CANNON is active – or for add’l “immersion” within some of the STRONGHOLDS – and so long as you’ve enabled them in the WZAA MCM.

When a CANNON KEEPER is alive and the CANNON is firing, the surrounding area – where presumably many of the cannonballs are falling – will have embers and smoke floating around.  When the CANNON stops firing – whether it’s out of ammo or the CANNON KEEPER is dead – the CHAOS FX attached to that CANNON will stop.

Besides being visually interesting, CHAOS FX can also be a great visual aid for knowing whether you are standing down-range of an active CANNON.

CHAOS FX can have a negative impact upon performance, so if you’re experiencing sluggishness in WZs, I suggest you disable CHAOS FX first and foremost.


CHAOS FX are hard to show in a still shot, but if you look at the above image, you’ll see both some SMOKE and some EMBERS.

In the background on the hill, you’ll see the ACTIVE CANNON this particular scene is attached to.

This is CHAOS FX at LEVEL 2.

And, of course, looks a ton better in motion.



There are 3 “levels” of CHAOS FX.

0 = Off

1 = 1 Layer of FX.  Usually just the EMBER layer.

2 = 2 Layers of FX. Both the SMOKE and EMBERS.