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In EVERY WZ and CIVIL WAR BATTLE exists the potential for SIEGE CANNONS.

These are no joke dangerous – as opposed to the vanilla ones – so do NOT be caught standing near a fallen cannonball.

CANNONS are faction-specific, as indicated by the flags on their front, but their ammunition can take its toll on any faction.  You are NOT safe from CANNON fire if you happen to be standing under a Cannonball that came from your faction… just sayin’.

Active CANNONS will display CHAOS FX.

CANNONS are controlled by CANNON-KEEPERS.  If this NPC is killed, the CANNON will stop firing and a plume of smoke will appear atop it.  These CANNON-KEEPERS are indistinguishable from any other WZ NPC.  Players cannot disable CANNONS by any other method.

CANNONS fire on a random-timed looping cycle and will eventually run out of ammunition if the CANNON KEEPER isn’t killed.




Adds randomly spawned SIEGE CANNONS to existing WZs and CIVIL WAR battles.
This is a RATIO.  ie: If set to 2, there is a 1-in-2 chance of a particular CANNON spawning.
Default = 2 (1-in-2 chance of spawn)
1 = Always spawn
0 = Off

This is a RATIO, in that a setting of 2 gives you a 1-in-2 chance of the CANNON spawning.

If you leave the default setting to 2, you will see a 50% (1-in-2) change of each particular CANNON spawning.  This makes for a nice variety of “randomness” and I recommend you leave it as is.

If you set it to 1, you will see EVERY CANNON placed in EVERY WZ and CIVIL WAR BATTLE.  While this can be a ton of fun, it may also be a bit on the performance-heavy side.  Up to you to determine for yourself.

Disable ALL CANNONS by setting this to 0.

This setting will NOT impact CANNONS placed in any of the STRONGHOLDS, only in existing WZs and CIVIL WAR BATTLES.