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There are many UNIQUE BOSS CHARACTERS throughout WZAA – especially within the STRONGHOLDS.

Killing one may result in an ADVANTAGE for the opposing FACTION.

I’m not going to tell you too much about the UNIQUE BOSSES, because that would ruin the fun, but I will tell you about HIGH COMMANDERS.

HIGH COMMANDERS are randomly placed in many WARZONES, CAMPS and OUTPOSTS.

Killing one of them will result in an ADVANTAGE for the opposing faction.

This can be VERY helpful in the heat of large battles… kill a HIGH COMMANDER and your “side” gets a boost, thereby making it much easier to eradicate the rest of the opposition.

The ADVANTAGE for killing a HIGH COMMANDER is usually about 3 minutes.



Trusted implicitly by Ulfric Stormcloak to guard one of the Stormcloak’s most precious possessions.  Eccentric but cunning… and up to something secret.


A Bard at heart.  A Warrior in practice.


A ferocious BattleMage skilled in destruction magic and tasked with the conversion of Ore to usable materials for the Imperials at the IMPERIAL MINING FACILITY.  He won’t like you… at all.


Ruthless Commander of the IMPERIAL MINING FACILITY.  Dabbles in the dark arts. Rules with an iron fist.


Sent by Ulfric Stormcloak himself to retake the BROADSKY QUARRY from the IMPERIALS desecrating the sacred land.


Mystic seer entrusted by Johnna Carves-Flesh to locate a mysterious artifact.


The “right hand” of Johnna Carves-Flesh (and perhaps a little more than that).  Skilled scout.  Vicious warrior.


Thalmor on loan to the IMPERIALS to aid the oversight of HIGH ROCK STOCKPILE.  Lightning fast and able to survive staggering blows.


Commander of the HIGH ROCK STOCKPILE.  Overseeing the orderly IMPERIAL Supply Chain in the north.


Small in stature, quick on his feet, and packing indomitable magic.


The “right hand” of MikeTheRatGuy.  Fierce warrior who demands unwavering loyalty from the soldiers in his command.


To get to the gold… you’ll have to go through him.  Good luck with that.