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This feature adds the possibility of a WARZONE CREATURE showing up in the midst of some WARZONES.

The creatures are all “vanilla”.  DRAGONS may appear only after you’ve completed the Quest “Dragon Rising”.

Calling them “Monsters” is a misnomer since you stand a better chance of getting a harmless animal than you do a Dragon… but when the Dragon does show up, it’s killin’ time!

Enabling this feature activates a “dice-roll” chance of spawning a CREATURE/MONSTER at a WZONES MONSTER SPAWN POINT.  This does not affect “vanilla” spawning, nor does it affect the WARZONES NPC spawncount.

Creatures range from small bunnies to Elder Dragons and are spawned based on the player’s level and random determination.

For instance, should WZONESMONSTERS be set to 5, this may result in 3 bunnies, a Werewolf and a Deer.  Or, it may result in 3 Dragons, a Troll and a Horse.  The chance of a Dragon spawn is approximately 1 in 100.

Because CREATURES will require resources to spawn, I do not recommend increasing beyond 3.

There will be only a few of these spawn points placed throughout the world and are added simply to spice things up a bit.

Adjusting MONSTERS in MCM:


0 = Off
1 = On (default)
5 = Maximum

It may be activated/increased or deactivated via the MENU or console.


HIGH : a harmless animal (Rabbit, a Deer, a Fox, etc…
MED : a dangerous predator (Bear, Troll, Sabre Cat, etc…)
LOW : a dangerous monster (Werewolf, Dragon, etc…)

Note: Each spawn is random.  A spawn-point set to 3 may yield a bunny, a deer and a dragon or can yield a werewolf, a fox and a troll.

Adjusting MONSTERS In Console:

Global Variable : WZonesMonsters (default 1)

0 : Disables WZ MONSTERS

Be careful when increasing Monster spawn points too high (above 5).  You will likely cause your game to crash.

Example : Set each Spawn Point to create 5 MONSTERS via Console:
Set WZonesMonsters to 5