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WZAA : Compatibility : Disabling Specific CAMPS & OUTPOSTS

As of V1C, WZAA now comes with a console command that will allow you to remove specific RANDOM CAMPS & OUTPOSTS from spawning.

This will be helpful to you especially if you use a mod that alters the same area.

So, if you’re happily wandering around Skyrim and you come across an OUTPOST plopped right on top of your new player home… this is for you.


This is the short answer:

In order to utilize the feature, you’ll need to identify the CAMP/OUTPOST then disable it by entering console (~) and type the following command:

set wza_condition_outpost09 to 666

Where “outposto9” corresponds with the outpost identifier from the list below and/or as identified by your WZMSG in your Papyrus log as indicated like so:


Therefore, if you discover that CAMP_SC06 interferes with something or other, enter in console:

set wza_condition_camp_SC06 to 666

666 is your “kill code” for all CAMPS and OUTPOSTS.


This is the long answer with an example:

Below is a map of all the CAMP and OUTPOST locations.  It is color coded for easy-enough identification.

For instance, a CELL tinted ORANGE will be an IMPERIAL camp.  The number within the CELL indicates which one it is.  Get it?  Click the map for a larger view.

This is a list of the locations by FORMID and COORD of all WZAA added CAMPS and OUTPOSTS.



Let’s say you are using the most excellent ETaC (Expanded Towns and Cities) by missjennabee in conjunction with WZAA and you no doubt notice that there is an OUTPOST plopped down just outside of DARKWATER CROSSING…

Nope… this isn’t right at all… notice the ruined structures and stockade fencing basically enclosing the house?  The RUINS are from a WZAA OUTPOST and the house is from ETaC.

And here’s a top view.  In it you can plainly see that WZAA’s OUTPOST is encroaching upon ETaC’s house.

So how do you get rid of it?

There are a couple of solutions:


– Visually identify the area around DARKWATER CROSSING and locate the nearest WZAA object.
– In this case, it is GREEN 09 indicating a MULTI-SPAWN OUTPOST

2 – USING the FORMID list :

– If you happen to be using a mod (like DynDoLOD) which will list the cell you are in, then just cross-reference the list above.
– Bear in mind in some cases in order to avoid overwriting a CELL name from vanilla or WZ, the closest CELL to the actual CAMP/OUTPOST is listed.
– If not, have no fear, there’s another way…

3 – Using your PAPYRUS LOG (this is the easiest, I think) :

– Make sure your PAPYRUS logging is ON.  If it is not, this is not going to work.
– Make sure your DEBUG MESSAGES setting in the WZ MCM is set to (at least) 1.
– In your game, with WZAA and ETaC enabled, go to the DARKWATER CROSSING, you should see the WZAA RUINS and the ETaC HOUSES.
– Close your game and OPEN your PAPYRUS LOG (Papyrus.0.log) in a text editor of your choice.

You will see something like this:

Notice that the WZMSG tells you exactly what you want to know… the GLOBAL VARIABLE for the “condition” of this particular OUTPOST is:

You can also see that it displays the corresponding FORMID.

Now, go back to your game and enter CONSOLE by hitting the ~ key.


set wza_condition_outpost09 to 666

Then hit the enter key.


Returning to DARKWATER CROSSING for this example, you can see that none of the WZAA OUTPOST RUINS remain, only the lovely house from ETaC.

And the same scene from above, without the WZAA OUTPOST objects..

If you’re inclined, you can look again at your PAPYRUS LOG and you’ll see something like this:

That indicates that WZA_Outpost_09 was intentionally DISABLED BY USER 666.

And there you have it.

Going forward, remember that to disable ANY of the CAMPS/OUTPOSTS all you need to do is set the global variable that corresponds to 666.  Then the CAMP/OUTPOST will not spawn again in your game.


Should you end up removing the “conflicting” mod and would like to restore the CAMP/OUTPOST you disabled to be reintegrated into the game, return to CONSOLE and type:

set wza_condition_outpost09 to 0

Where “outpost09” is the name of the CAMP/OUTPOST you’d like to re-eneable.

Setting any CAMP/OUTPOST CONDITION to 0 will reset it.