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WZAA will work with DynDOLOD!  But there are caveats.

  • DynDOLOD is a work-in-progress.  The information presented here is what I’ve managed to gleen from v1.46.  Things can change and when they do, I’ll post that info here.
  • WZAA is also a work-in-progress.  Although I happen to think of it as finished, I am quite sure I couldn’t possibly have accounted for the vast variety of user’s setups.

So, although some of the STRONGHOLDS really benefit from DynDOLOD, I recommend NOT generating LODs for WZAA at this time.  This is good news, ’cause now you don’t have to sit through the whole process again 😉


If you have already generated your DynDOLOD, then go ahead and play as usual, no harm will come.

If you are about to generate your DynDOLOD, simply EXCLUDE WZAA from the mod-list you are creating or do so before including WZAA into your load-order.


Should you opt to run WZAA within your DynDOLOD generation, you can expect to see errors such as:

  • Minor issues are the visual mess-ups in the deep distance.
  • Incorrect “pop in” of some major portions of STRONGHOLDS have been reported by some users
  • Odd “missing” water LOD
  • More “major” issues are when a CAMP/OUTPOST is supposed to be disabled, you’ll see it in the distance and then “poof” it’s gone or the LOD distinctly does not match the “close-up”
  • Worse still, the occasional CTD can happen due to this combination.

As such, I simply suggest that WZAA be excluded from DynDOLOD’s calculations.  A bummer in a way, but I’m going to look more into it further… will keep you posted as I learn more.

You can absolutely continue to use DynDOLOD for your other mods as instructed, however… these are not considered incompatible and you can enjoy both.

Do remember that DynDOLOD can negatively impact your frame rate.