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WZAA: Compatbility

For the most part, if a mod works with WARZONES 2015, it’ll work with WZAA. If a mod is NOT listed here, then it is considered compatible – or an incompatibility has not been brought to our attention. If it IS listed here, we will make a recommendation on... read more

WARZONES : Assault Attack Overview

WZAA (as it will be hereby known) is a DLC-SIZED add-on for WARZONES 2015.2 which adds a great many neato things that I believe will be of interest to the carnage loving Skyrim player. WZAA adds all manner of new features – many never before seen in SKYRIM! New... read more


The “centerpiece” of WARZONES : ASSAULT ATTACK are FOUR MASSIVE new “STRONGHOLDS”… each one quite a bit larger than the city of Whiterun, and each one containing both EXTERIOR and INTERIOR locations, a narrative, new loot, new bosses and... read more


Change the tide of the BATTLE with our brand-new ADVANTAGE SYSTEM!  Somewhat akin to a PENALTY PLAY in Hockey, the ADVANTAGE SYSTEM allows for strategic surgical strikes as well as all-out, pell-mell frontal assaults… up to you to use it wisely! This system is... read more


WZAA comes complete with an MCM for in-game user-adjustable options.  Generally speaking, our default settings should suffice, but should you prefer a more custom experience… have at it! NPC SETTINGS : These govern the “new” NPCs introduced by WZAA... read more

WZAA: Installation

There are no special instructions for installation of WARZONES : ASSAULT ATTACK… …but… YOU MUST HAVE A PROPERLY OPTIMIZED SKYRIM! This bears repeating… YOU MUST HAVE A PROPERLY OPTIMIZED SKYRIM! This is an outstanding time to make sure you have... read more

WZAA: Troubleshooting and Uninstallation

  Before you hastily remove WARZONES : ASSAULT ATTACK, feel free to post a comment on the Nexus – there may be an answer to your issue… and that answer may benefit other users. Please feel free to share your PAPYRUS LOG with us if you are having... read more


  There are many UNIQUE BOSS CHARACTERS throughout WZAA – especially within the STRONGHOLDS. Killing one may result in an ADVANTAGE for the opposing FACTION. I’m not going to tell you too much about the UNIQUE BOSSES, because that would ruin the fun,... read more


Scattered throughout Skyrim are all manner of FACTION COURIERS. What’s that mean? Simple.  Sometimes you’ll come across COURIERS who are carrying potentially important intelligence.  Capture or kill the COURIER, read the note and you will potentially be... read more


  FANATICS are the type of person who REALLY take their allegiances seriously… to suicidal extremes. There are FANATICS on both the IMPERIAL and STORMCLOAK sides of the war.  In some cases, they will be encouraged by their faction-mates, and in others, they... read more


Within EVERY WARZONE and CIVIL WAR BATTLE you can now find random spawning REINFORCEMENTS! In the past, once the initial “push” was concluded, the battle was basically over… now, not so much. This setting will determine the MAXIMUM amount of... read more


Not much to say about CIVILIANS… I put them in because I’m mean-spirited and thought some of you might be also 😉 In EVERY WARZONE and EVERY CIVIL WAR BATTLE, you may now come across helpless CIVILIANS – running for their lives.  Perhaps they are... read more


  New OUTPOSTS and CAMPS are placed throughout SKYRIM to aid in the CIVIL WAR.  Both are heavily guarded and fortified… and both can contain useful information and/or loot. These are RANDOMLY generated and RANDOMLY populated… What’s that mean?... read more


In EVERY WZ and CIVIL WAR BATTLE exists the potential for SIEGE CANNONS. These are no joke dangerous – as opposed to the vanilla ones – so do NOT be caught standing near a fallen cannonball. CANNONS are faction-specific, as indicated by the flags on their... read more


  Placed throughout EVERY WARZONE and CIVIL WAR BATTLE are random LANDMINES… Standing on one will yield the predictable result of you blowing up. They are randomly enabled and are triggered by the PLAYER, CREATURES and/or NPCs – anything that triggers... read more


This is a PERFORMANCE FEATURE.  Should you be attempting to adjust the ratio of a particular type of NPC (Courier, Fanatic, Reinforcements, Swarms, etc), please do so by adjusting their specific MCM settings. With all the potential for additional NPCs that WARZONES :... read more


GRAPHICS LEVEL enables/disables the “small nuances” within WZAA. It may also reduce the amount of CANNON fire and BARREL dropping. In the above example, GRAPHICS : EFFECTS LEVEL is set to 1 and therefore the MUZZLE FLASH of the CANNON is displayed.... read more


CHAOS FX display when a SIEGE CANNON is active – or for add’l “immersion” within some of the STRONGHOLDS – and so long as you’ve enabled them in the WZAA MCM. When a CANNON KEEPER is alive and the CANNON is firing, the surrounding... read more


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