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WZAA (as it will be hereby known) is a DLC-SIZED add-on for WARZONES 2015.2 which adds a great many neato things that I believe will be of interest to the carnage loving Skyrim player.

WZAA adds all manner of new features – many never before seen in SKYRIM!


BATTLES easily 10X the SIZE and LENGTH of any vanilla CW Fight!

HUGE NEW AREAS to overtake!

New things that go BOOM!

REINFORCEMENTS that keep the battle going on longer!


New NPCS – some dangerous, some not!

New COURIERS carrying potentially important intel!

Plan your strategic assault with the new ADVANTAGE SYSTEM!

A rogues gallery of NEW BOSSES and BOSS-LIKE NPCs!


Everything in WZAA is “injected” into your game seamlessly – and it is neatly configurable via the MCM.

– The cornerstone of WZAA are FOUR MASSIVE new STRONGHOLDS with many, many ‘bosses’ and many, many, many ways to die. Each area is no less than 4X the size of Whiterun, and chock full of dudes that hate you. Each one introduces new mechanics that you’ve never seen in any Skyrim mod. New narratives, new loot and, mainly, new challenges. Each has an “unofficial Quest” (in that I didn’t want to make “Quest markers”) but each area has a “point” and a story that will be revealed as you play.

The ADVANTAGE system which can change the course of the Civil War! The ADVANTAGED faction will be given limited-time “Enhancement spells”, increased troop population and other bonuses. While the DISADVANTAGED faction will suffer troop depopulation and penalties. This system allows you to more carefully time your assaults upon CW sieges or WZs. Think of the ADVANTAGE SYSTEM as “Skyrim’s Penalty Box” 😉

– Actually EXPLODING ordnance… did you know that the catapults during the CW don’t really work or do much damage? Well… ours do! And you don’t want to be anywhere near ’em when they ‘go boom’.

BOSSES : Many new characters presenting new challenges. Not a single one of WZAA’s “BOSSES” will be as easy to kill as Ulfric is in vanilla. Killing WZAA BOSSES may offer an ADVANTAGE.

COURIERS : Potentially carrying important intelligence which can change the tide of the war. The notes are randomly generated and offer bonuses and/or penalties to the factions involved – while potentially offering clues to the locations of entrenched forces. Killing a COURIER and/or reading a note may offer an ADVANTAGE.

RANDOMLY SPAWNED AND OCCUPIED FORTS/OUTPOSTS : Throughout Skyrim WZAA adds small forts, camps and outposts which can be attacked (or defended) for loot, intel or fun. Overtaking an enemy occupied FORT/OUTPOST may offer an ADVANTAGE. See how this works?

RANDOMLY SPAWNED CIVIL WAR/WZ SIEGE CANNONS : In major WZs and CIVIL WAR SIEGES, you have the option to randomly spawn SIEGE CANNONS. The frequency of these can be adjusted (or removed) via our MCM.

RANDOMLY SPAWNED LANDMINES : As with CANNONS, in major WZs and CIVIL WAR SEIGES, landmines may appear. Watch your step! The frequency of these can be adjusted (or removed) via our MCM.

REINFORCEMENTS : Many WZs and vanilla battles now feature reinforcements to keep the battle going strong after the initial wave of death. The frequency of these can be adjusted (or removed) via our MCM. An EXTRA-NPC “clamp” is also included to keep you from overloading your system.

CIVILIANS : Not much purpose but to add to the chaos. Some will engage in the battle and some with run. These also can be adjusted via our MCM.

FANTATICS : Some citizens of Skyrim are fatally dedicated to their cause. Just run from them. You’ll be better off.

– INCLUSION of NEW COMBATANT NPCS into existing WZs : WZAA can add new Archers, Fanatics, Soldiers, etc to already existing WZs, making what was old, new again… and much more dangerous.

– EXTENDING EXISTING WZs and ADDING NEW ONES : WZAA extends some well-known WZs into really HUGE battles. REDORAN PLAINS, for instance, can now span over 20 cells, have Cannons, Landmines, Fanatics, Reinforcements, Citizens and can last for quite awhile.

Everything above easily configured to your taste using our MCM

All that is required from you is a functioning installation of WARZONES 2015.

For the record, WZAA is not necessarily “performance friendly” – although it does have some PERFORMANCE feature reductions in the MCM. I can use it with no appreciable framerate reduction on my rig, but my rig has – by design – plenty of “headroom”. However, WZAA has been tested by our beta-team to work with pretty much all the mods that WZ works with… so, if WZ is working for you, WZAA should as well.


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FUN FACTThe WZAA tag-line, “A New Incentive For Killing the Messenger” was borrowed from the song “MUZZLE ORDER” featured on the incredible CD “MIDWEST PANDEMIC” by the sadly defunct band, TWELVE TRIBES.  Give them some love by clicking here.