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The ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to install WARZONES is to use a SAVE GAME that has NEVER SEEN WARZONES BEFORE.  It’s also much easier!  However, if you’re going to update WARZONES please follow the below instructions..



UPDATING WARZONES FROM 2015.1 (or from v5B version):

This is not as complicated as it may initially appear and should take you no time at all. It is best practice to get your current save nice and fresh for the install of WZ15.

To be honest, this is may not be wholly necessary when updating from 2015.1 to 2015.2 but if you do not remove the old scripts, the cooldown feature may not function as planned.  So, failure to remove the old scripts will be considered “unsupported” and “not a great idea”.

Phase ONE : Removing WARZONES from the save:

1 – Go into an INTERIOR (why?  Warzones impacts no interior spaces so it’s simply safer)

2 – SAVE a NEW SAVE (this will prevent you from overwritting your existing “good” save)

3 – Exit Game

4 – Uninstall WarZones – Civil Unrest

5 -Load Game

6 – Open MCM to ensure WarZones MCM no longer appears, if it does, close MCM and Wait 6 seconds before opening again.

7 – Close MCM

8 – SAVE

Phase TWO : Removing all of the old scripts.  By way of explanation, the goal is to remove any and all references to Warzones in your save-game while making backups along the way (this actually seems to work nicely with other scripted mods as well, so if you’ve got a save with a ton of leftover scripts from mods you’ve uninstalled in the past 3 years, this is a great time to clean those out also.  Clues to what may remain in your Save will be in your Papyrus log in the form of either straight up errors or warnings.)  This may seem like overkill, but I’m of the “better safe than sorry” mindset.

1 – Download and Install SAVE GAME CLEANER

2 – Run SAVE GAME CLEANER and OPEN (top right) your save.

3 – Once open, click FIXSCRIPTINSTANCES

4 – Now, enter “WZ” into the filter box in the SCRIPTS section (top left)

1 – A number of “sections” will be displayed and you will see some or all of these : Scripts, Script Instances, Active Scripts, Function Messages, Suspended Stack, WaitOffsets, UpdateOffsets

2 – Select SCRIPTS then click DELETE SELECTED


4 – Select ACTIVE SCRIPTS (if shown) then click DELETE SELECTED

5 – Select any other ‘section’ and DELETE SELECTED if able Clear the filter box, then retype “WZ”. It should now be empty. This is a great time to remove any other scripts from any other mods that you no longer have.

6 – Select SAVE AS (top right) and name your file as you like OR Select SAVE and it will overwrite the file you initially opened.

7 – You may exit SAVE GAME CLEANER – don’t forget to endorse it!

5 – Open SKYRIM

6 – Load your CLEANED SAVE

7 – Wait 31 days to fully clear refs and cells
Note: waiting in TFC mode will significantly reduce realtime wait. remember to undo TFC before saving.

8 – SAVE

9 – Exit Game (Warzones 2015.1/v5B should now be purged entirely from your save game)

Phase THREE : Installing WARZONES (from here, you can also follow the notes on the INSTALLING WZ page)

1 – Install New Version of WarZones – Civil Unrest

2 – Load Game

3 – Open MCM

4 – Close MCM

5 – Wait for MCM to Register New Menus

6 – Open MCM and set WarZones preferences as desired (I recommend sticking with the defaults until you’ve had a little time to playtest your system.)

7 – Play

(Note: This is standard procedure for an MCM mod and will not be able to be reduced further without jeopardizing Save Game integrity, please follow all steps.) – Deapri


Note: If using RANDOM ALTERNATIVE START or something similar, make your character and get underway BEFORE installing WZ.

For further information about stabilizing Skyrim, please visit: