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There are, apparently, many things you can do to get better performance from SKYRIM than the default settings provide. However, it requires some fiddling around. Just because the below tweaks worked for me doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work for you, so I make no guarantees (and tweak at your own risk), however:

Be sure you are using the most recent OFFICIAL UPDATE. Major performance improvements were added.

Within SKYRIMS’S GAME SETTINGS, I recommend REDUCING your DRAW DISTANCE, notably for NPCS. Past about 8 ‘ticks’ you don’t see NPCs as more than one-pixel-specs, so it occurred to me that would be wasting processor power on things you couldn’t see anyway.

While you’re at it, bring down your ITEM and OBJECT draw distances. Even reduce GRASS if you find it helps.

Having an NVIDIA card, I also tweaked settings using NVIDIA INSPECTOR and use the latest video driver.

In some cases, getting SKYRIM to perform optimally on your computer will take a lot of trial and error, but honestly, it’s worth doing even without using WARZONES.


Even with the SPAWN-O-METER, this mod adds a LOT of content, so do your best to give it a chance.  If you are running 20000 hi-res texture packs, armor replacers, a million other mods that add NPCs, ENB, FXAA, etc then it should come as no surprise to you when you crash.  This is not the fault of this – or any other mod.  It is the COMBINATION of things that is causing it.  Common sense people.

If you’re having troubles with this or other mods, maybe try dropping your resolution… yes, yes, we all want the game to run at 1920×1080 with 16xx AA, 15 Filter Samples, Ultra-HIGH Quality Textures and at a smooth 120FPS, but y’know, that’s probably not a reality anyway. Bring it down a notch and your gameplay will probably improve overall… just sayin’.


If your UGRIDS are set to anything above 5 and you crash, I’m only going to say “toldya so”.  You want the quick math?  5 GRIDS loads 36 cells COMPLETELY into memory.  7 GRIDS loads 64 cells.  9 GRIDS loads 100 cells.  That means you are forcing your computer to load EVERYTHING from 100 game cells into memory.  See?  Crash-city.  This is NOT a harmless alteration unless you have an uber-rig.

If you are getting a repeatable crash with no other mods and after following the instructions below, then I want to hear about it so I can look to fix it.  If you can honestly tell me you’ve done everything you can to troubleshoot, then I will gladly hear you out.

NOTE : If troubleshooting your computer setup is not in your interest and/or you don’t have time for it, I understand, but then doing something for you isn’t in my interest.  I am doing everything I can to make this mod work for most of you, and you gotta help me to help you.

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