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DRESS TO KILL : An Introduction to the ARMORY

Hello folks!  Grand Bulwark here to give you the rundown on the new Warzones Armory.  What started as a small side project while MyGoodEye and Deapri worked on the finer points of the scripts, has turned into a massive armory for all your killing needs. I’ve... read more


ARMOR: Well let’s start with armor; quite a few new armor sets added by Warzones now; all of them are designated to either the Imperials, or the Stormcloaks. Now mind you, you CANNOT just hop in and start crafting all of the armors to your heart’s content.  Only a... read more


Armors are distributed ONLY to Warzones NPCs.  No vanilla records were altered in the making of this Armory.  This means that imperials and Stormcloaks in Warzones will be better dressed that their counterparts on the homefronts. Armors/Weapons are all leveled to... read more


This will be one of the most contested traits of the armor and weapons that are included. ALL armory items have been balanced according to vanilla counterparts, and according to how/where/why this mod uses them. read more


ALL of the content that I’ve added has been painstakingly stripped of ALL conflicts to their mod of origin.  This means that people who HAVE such mods do not need to worry about the textures/meshes overwriting one another; nor the records conflicting with one... read more


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