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 [stextbox id=”info”]WARZONES 2015.2 now gives the player the ability to adjust these settings via the MCM.  It is NOT recommended that you do so, but if you do, remember these settings impact the ENTIRE game (not just WARZONES) and you adjust them at your own risk.[/stextbox]
[stextbox id=”download”]If you’d prefer to not meddle with user settings in-game and just get down to playing, you are encouraged to use COUNT THE DEAD 2K4 from CARNAGE2k4! [/stextbox]

The game does remove the dead and spent arrows with varying speed depending upon the area.  If they “blip” out and disappear before you have a chance to loot the corpse, you are engaged in a COMPLEX SCENE.  This is just how the game works, however, if you’d like to adjust these parameters further, here are the details:
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fRemoveExcessDeadTime = 10.000
iRemoveExcessDeadCount = 15
iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount = 20

fRemoveExcessComplexDeadTime = 2.5000
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount = 3

iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount = 20

The console command is “setGS”. For instance “setGS iRemoveExcessDeadCount = 15”


What you’re seeing is probably happening in places like REDORAN, WHITERUN, FROSTFLOW. What I did was add something called a COMPLEX SCENE MARKER which tells the game to use the “COMPLEX” settings instead of the “usual” settings. It removes bodies dramatically faster to maintain FPS and is used in vanilla battles like the SIEGE OF WHITERUN and pretty much every FORT SIEGE in-game. If you’re actually running it with MADHOUSE then bodies will drop like flies and be removed very quickly, so you may want to increase the COMPLEX values and the REGULAR values.

WARZONES – CIVIL UNREST.ESP does NOT alter the default values. This is IMPORTANT to know… the MOD DOES NOT CHANGE VANILLA VALUES, but it DOES apply the battle-state of “complex” to some battles… read on!

How these work are as follows (as I understand ’em and copy/pasted from a source I can’t recall… we take no responsibility for users messing with these settings):

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fREMOVEEXCESSDEADTIME tells the game HOW OFTEN (in seconds) to check for the “dead count” under normal circumstances.

iREMOVEEXCESSDEADCOUNT tells the game what the “dead count” is under normal circumstances.

fREMOVEEXCESSCOMPLEXDEADTIME tells the game HOW OFTEN (in seconds) to check for the “dead count” under COMPLEX circumstances.

iREMOVEEXCESSCOMPLEXDEADCOUNT tells the game what the “dead count” is under COMPLEX circumstances.


So, really, you only need to raise the iREMOVECOMPLEXDEADCOUNT to achieve the result you want.

Meaning, if DEADTIME is 2.5 and DEADCOUNT is 50, the game will check the DEADCOUNT every 2.5 seconds. If, at that time, the amount of DEAD NPCs is >= 50 it will remove as many as it has to to get down to 49… rinse and repeat… Set it to “vanilla default” or more if you’d like. Bearing in mind it’s a GLOBAL SETTING and will also effect/affect the vanilla fort sieges.

Same is true of COMPLEXDEADTIME and COMPLEXDEADCOUNT. “COMPLEX” is an developer/modder-placed indicator that tells the game that the player is in the midst of a “larger” battle and therefore to check the game MORE OFTEN for a LOWER DEADCOUNT THAN “USUAL”. In this way, when “swarms” are spawning (like in the Vanilla Fort Battles) the bodies don’t pile up and slow the computer/console down.

Remember, REGULAR BATTLES and COMPLEX SCENE battles have different variables. You can adjust the COMPLEX ones to match vanilla if you’d like. The defaults are listed in the link above.

My feeling is that given the nature of the beast that is this game, it is probably easier for those of you who CAN handle the excessdead to spend a moment in console than those of you that can’t (the majority I assume). And, to those that don’t notice, I guess they don’t really care (I don’t care, to be honest, but I’m long done with looting every corpse for 4 gold coins… hahah).