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(It’s not really called that… it’s called SPAWN COUNT)

Allows the user to adjust the spawn rate of specific NPCs.

In order to maintain some diversity during the battles, there is a 1 in 10 chance that a spawn point will ONLY spawn ONE NPC. This will keep the battles from becoming too “even” (as in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc). This will be absolutely more noticeable at higher spawn-counts.

I mention this in case you are studying the spawn-counts and wonder why some are only spawning ONE while others are spawning the amount you set.

The SPAWNCOUNT adjustment is available from the MCM:

LOW = Spawn 1 per point

HIGH = Spawn 2 per point

MADHOUSE = Spawn 3 per point. Use with caution.

Via CONSOLE, the user may adjust and/or add more spawns, although it is a bad idea to set NPC spawns above 3 for most and will very likely cause crashes due to the increased population:

Global Variable : WZonesSpawnCount

Example : Set each SpawnPoint to create 3 NPCs via console: Set WZonesSpawnCount to 3

FYI, I have placed a “governor” on the NPC SPAWN-O-METER.  Any value greater than 3 will be returned to 3.  This is a safety measure mostly to keep the curious among you from breaking your computer.


No single Cell in WZ has more than 3v3 spawners and/or a maximum of 6 Spawners active at any time per Cell (sometimes, it’s an uneven distribution for the purposes of a specific WZ set-piece).

As such, the maximums per Cell, per Load (meaning, as opposed to vanilla Sieges which intentionally spawn “waves” from the same spot, the WZspawners spawn only once on Cell entry):

LowSpawn = 1 per spawner : 6 max per Cell
MedSpawn = 2 per spawner : 12 max per Cell
HighSpawn = 3 per spawner : 18 max per Cell (which I don’t recommend, but GrandBulwark loves it)

Remembering that no matter what your SpawnCount or RandomEncounterOdds are, each spawner has a random chance to NOT spawn in order to make WZs more fluid and less “even”. Hence the possibility of each Cell spawning anywhere from 0 to its maximum.