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WARZONES 2015 has been completely rewritten from the ground up using the latest tools (many of which were not available the first time around).

I’ve added a TON of stuff to the latest version… not the least of which is a team of talented modders to help refine, repair and create the finest mod we can.

Round of applause for Grand Bulwark, Deapri and Tony971!

Give a look at the biggest addition to WZ15 : The WARZONES ARMORY.  It adds 100s of Weapons and Armor to WARZONES NPCs.  As well as allowing you to craft them!

A huge overhaul of the RANDOM ENCOUNTER system now includes DAY/NIGHT Awareness (no more Werewolves during the day), a deeper RANDOM AMBUSH system andhuge new RANDOM WARZONES for a constantly changing Tamriel.

CIVIL WAR FORT SIEGES are bigger than ever!  With more DYNAMIC WARZONES & SKIRMISHES added to make travel in Tamriel more dangerous than ever!

We’re happy to report that the GOD OF WARZONES has been executed and replaced by an MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) which will allow you to very easily set all WARZONES options without ever having to enter a console command.

The Artificial Intelligence of all NPCs has been redone.  Now, some will fight, some will cower, some will come straight at you like a bat out of hell.

The SPAWN-O-METER has undergone a renovation so you can control how many NPCs are spawned!  

An entirely rebuilt PAPYRUS DEBUG LOG system has been incorporated for those of you who read your logs – and to help us help you troubleshoot!  Far more information about what’s happening behind the scenes with Warzones is available to you, and you can control the level of detail offered via the MCM.



WARZONES COOLDOWN : This great new function ensures that namedWZs don’t respawn immediately upon leaving a nearby interior. The default is 24 in-game hours. Via our MCM, you can change the timing as you like. Should you prefer to see a particular WZ “again”, you can override this by entering MCM and re-enabling the WZ should you prefer more carnage.

WARZONES ARMORY TOGGLE : Don’t like the Armory? Turn it off!

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS : Updates to scripts and NPC placement for a better, faster, smoother WARZONES experience.

PERFORMANCE MODE : For users with “lower-end” systems or users who believe their rigs are “in-between” our preset SpawnCounts. Let’s say that our preset of 2 is a little “too much” for your system, but you’d like to see a few more NPCs than our preset of 1… now you can. For instance… with a SpawnCount of 2, you are likely to see 2 NPCs per point… of course, the points are invisible to you, but generally speaking in large WZs, there are 3 SpawnPoints per Faction for a total of 6 SpawnPoints and therefore a possible total of 12 NPCS. PERFORMANCE MODE increases the chances of a “randomNoSpawn”, effectively putting the SpawnCount at 1.5 from a SpawnCount of 2. 2.5 from a SpawnCount of 3. And, of course, .5 from a SpawnCount of 1. While I can’t say a WZ will really be a WZ at .5, this option will allow more users to enjoy WARZONES!

DEADCOUNT : Too many corpses clogging your battlefields and choking your performance? Turn ’em down! Corpses disappearing too quickly depriving you of your ill-gotten gains? Set them to stick around longer! (please note, we will not support this feature and recommend you leave them as is, but it is up to you)

UPDATED CIVIL WAR BATTLES : Bigger and more randomized Civil War battles are now at your fingertips.

– More Random WZs! Kill ’em all!

We have exhaustively tested it for stability, renovated the scripts, removed the “problems” and are now proud as heck to offer WARZONES 2015 to you!


David (MyGoodEye)