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During your travels, you may come across a randomly generated encounters.

This feature adds diversity and unpredictability to the game – and more killing.

There are three subsets of RANDOM ENCOUNTERS:


Sizable WZs that span, generally, 4 cells.

A feature of the new RANDOM WARZONES is DAY/NIGHT awareness.  For instance, a Silver Hand v Werewolf WZ will not spawn until after dark.  Tread carefully!

You may enable/disable RANDOM WARZONES via MCM.


Adding more carnage to the Civil War, skirmishes add Stormcloak v Imperial battles along the roadways of Skyrim – before and during the Civil War.

You may enable/disable RANDOM SKIRMISHES via MCM.


Usually 1 – 18 enemies (SpawnCount dependent) who don’t like you at all.

RANDOM AMBUSHES typically take place in lesser traveled areas and will spawn depending upon the Player’s current alignment.  If the player has not joined a side, or has completed the CW, the ambushes will spawn “general enemies”.  If the player has chosen a side in the CIVIL WAR and is currently engaged in it, the ambushes will spawn members of the opposite faction in addition to general enemies.

A new feature of RANDOM AMBUSHES is DAY/NIGHT Awareness.  In other words, it’s now possible for denizens of the night to ambush you!

You may enable/disable RANDOM AMBUSHES via MCM.

There are a few types of RANDOM AMBUSH:

STANDARD AMBUSH : Randomly generated enemies of various humanoid types – usually hostile to the player.

VERSUS AMBUSH : NPCs of 2 opposing factions AND depending upon the time of day (ie:  If night, it may spawn Silver Hand v Werewolves.  During the day, it may spawn SC v IMP)

TEAMWORK AMBUSH : Accounts for the Player’s Faction Alignment and spawns NPCs of the same faction in addition to Faction Enemies

ENEMY FACTION AMBUSH : Accounts for the Player’s Faction Alignment and spawns NPCs of the opposing Faction.


These RANDOM ENCOUNTERS are all governed by RANDOM ENCOUNTER ODDS which can be adjusted to your taste via the MCM.

Should you wish to potentially see more RANDOM ENCOUNTERS, you may increase the “odds” up to 25.


Every RandomEncounter has the chance to spawn (or not) each time the player enters the area.  Sometimes you’ll be able to stroll right through with no interference, and sometimes you’ll end up fighting for your life.