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Once you have an optimized system and an unpolluted save, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do all this sooner.

If you are starting an entirely NEW SAVE, then there is no need to clean your save and you may proceed to INSTALLATION, otherwise it is quite likely that your savegame is polluted and requires cleaning.

If you can look at your Papyrus.0.log before you install WARZONES 2015 and see not one single error, then by all means, skip this step.  Otherwise, please do the below cleaning procedure.  Information on how to enable and locate your Papyrus Log can be found by clicking here.

I’ve been taught to consider Papyrus as a very small, but very important artery to your brain… too many small errors and it clogs and you die… an analogy I’ve seen “proven” plenty since the release of WZ15.  Most Papyrus errors are NOT harmless, contrary to popular belief, but are clues to underlying problems.


I really wish there was a way to force this step before you can install the mod, but there isn’t so I’m going to have to trust y’all.  You will be DRAMATICALLY better off if you clean your SaveGame BEFORE you install WARZONES 2015.

I’m going to recommend a two-pronged approach for extra safety.  By way of explanation, the goal is to remove any and all references to missing/broken mods in your save-game while making backups along the way (this actually seems to work nicely with other scripted mods as well, so if you’ve got a save with a ton of leftover scripts from mods you’ve uninstalled in the past 3 years, this is a great time to clean those out also.  Clues to what may remain in your Save will be in your Papyrus.0.log in the form of either straight up errors or warnings.)  This may seem like overkill (it may even BE overkill), but I’m of the “better safe than sorry” mindset.

1 – Download and Install SAVEGAME SCRIPT SCALPEL

2 – Run PDT wrapper and open your SAVE GAME (Select ESS)


4 – When that process is complete – only if you understand what this does – click TERMINATE ACTIVE THREADS. In effect, any script that is “active” will be stopped.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon your save.  Read the PDT documention for more information.

5 – Once that is complete, you may quit

6 – A new SAVE GAME called EDIT_xxxxx (where xxx is the date) will be created keeping your original save-game safe.

7 – Exit SAVEGAME SCRIPT SCALPEL – don’t forget to endorse it!

8 – Download and Install SAVE GAME CLEANER

9 – Run SAVE GAME CLEANER and OPEN (top right) the cleaned SAVE (remember, it will be titled EDIT_xxx – NOT Save ###)


11 – Now, take a look at the left column.  Here, using your Papyrus.0.log as a guide, enter something ‘searchable’ from the error report.  For example, if you have a number of errors from “SBC”, then enter SBC in that filter box at the top.

1 – A number of “sections” will be displayed and you will see some or all of these : Scripts, Script Instances, Active Scripts, Function Messages, Suspended Stack, WaitOffsets, UpdateOffsets

2 – Select SCRIPTS then click DELETE SELECTED


4 – Select ACTIVE SCRIPTS (if shown) then click DELETE SELECTED

5 – Select any other ‘section’ and DELETE SELECTED if able. Clear the filter box, then retype the search-filter (ie: SBC). It should now be empty indicating that all scripts from this mod are now removed. This is a great time to remove any other scripts from any other mods that you no longer have.

6 – Repeat with each missing/error-throwing mod from your Papyrus.0.log

7 – Select SAVE AS (top right) and name your file as you like OR Select SAVE and it will overwrite the file called “EDIT_xxx” made by SCRIPT SCALPEL

8 – You now should have a fairly pristine SaveGame as well as a copy of the original one.  You may exit SAVE GAME CLEANER – don’t forget to endorse it!

12 – Open SKYRIM

13 – Load your CLEANED SAVE

14 – Wait 31 days to fully clear refs and cells
Note: waiting in TFC mode will significantly reduce realtime wait. remember to undo TFC before saving.

15 – SAVE

16 – Exit Game (Everything ancillary and missing should now be purged from your game)

17 – Return to the CHECKLIST