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This has been corrected – as far as WARZONES is concerned – in WARZONES 2015.2.

It is a vanilla-issue that was exacerbated by WARZONES.  If you continue to experience these issues after having properly installed WZ2015.2, the below may be of help:

Okay, here’s the drill.  There are 2 issues that are directly related but seem to manifest themselves differently for various users…

JITTERING/FLYING ANIMALS : On some user’s systems, the animals in some WARZONES start to jiggle, some will fly up to the max height and then drop to their deaths… and sometimes, it happens when you’re riding a horse!  Terrible and tragic.

STUTTERING WATER : On some user’s systems, the water in nearby areas seems to “stutter”.

Both are “vanilla-issues” that can be exacerbated by Warzones.

It is a well-known fact/rumor that Skyrim’s gameEngine starts doing funny things at any framerate above 60.  I read a report of a guy that kept getting hit with flying lamps… hahah… so your best bet is to lock Skyrim to 60FPS or less.

There is much evidence of this happening outside of the influence of WARZONES all over google/Reddit, but since you’ve just noticed it with WARZONES, this is how to deal with it.  Try some or all of these as your results may vary:


Option 1 : Enable VSYNC in your GPU Driver.  I use NVIDIA INSPECTOR and set it to FORCE ON for Skyrim.
Option 2 : Enable VSYNC via your ENB
Option 3 : Do both!  I do.  No harm, no foul.


Option 1 : Via your ENB SERIES settings in-game, you can adjust the FRAME RATE LIMITER to find your sweet spot, which seems to be somewhere between 50-60 FPS.
Option 2 : Enable it via your GPU DRIVER. NVIDIA INSPECTOR allows you to do this in the driver-settings for Skyrim and/or any ENB SERIES will allow it.


Other options to try alone or in tandem with the above:

1 – In an ENB, you may attempt selecting WAITBUSYRENDER which seems to mitigate the effect for some as well.

2 – Sometimes, when using an ENB, the solution to the “water stutter” is to toggle the EFFECT off and then on.  I have no idea why, but it probably allows the system to “catch up” in some way or other.

3 – It is also possible with many GPUs and Monitors to set custom refresh rates.  This can tend to look better than an ENB FRAME CAP in some ways, but is – obviously – a little bit of a pain in the ass and may damage some monitors… I take no responsibility for anything bad that happens from this, so do your research about your monitor before messing around with these settings… that said, my method has been:

Step 1: Using the ENB, find the frame rate at which the animals stop flying.  Let’s use 58 by example.
Step 2: Enter your GPU’s Control Panel (sorry guys, I use NVIDIA but I’m sure there’s a AMD equivalent)
Step 4: Select CUSTOMIZE
Step 5: When that window opens, select CREATE CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS
Step 6: When that opens, change your REFRESH RATE to match your desired FPS.  In this case, 58Hz
Step 7: Click TEST, and if the screen looks good, you will see a “SAVE RESOLUTION” dialog.  Select YES.
Step 8: This new resolution will show up in the CUSTOM LIST… click out of that and back to the CONTROL PANEL
Step 9: You should now have a CUSTOM section in your RESOLUTION window… select it and select APPLY
Step 10: Should it look good, choose to keep the resolution active.  Please note, this may change the colorspace of your game a bit, totally depends upon the monitor and the GPU, it seems.
Step 11: Make sure that VSYNC is enabled (from above)
Step 12: Open the game and set your ENB’s FRAME RATE LIMITER to match your new Refresh Rate.
Step 13: Tada!

For some reason, on my system, this gives a “smoother appearance” when the FPS are capped – and so I share it with you here… enjoy.

One, some or all of the above should relieve you of the issues and allow you to carry on the carnage.

If you have additional solutions, by all means, let us know!