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I Am Telling You Now That If You Don’t Have A Computer That Can Handle Additional NPCs And Locations That This Mod Will Probably Not Work For You.

I’m also telling you now that NOBODY’S COMPUTER can handle playing SKYRIM with 2000 NPCs on screen at the same time, so you will NOT see LORD OF THE RINGS set-pieces…

PLEASE, if you’re having problems, err on the side of caution and begin using this mod with a save that has never seen WARZONES before.

And, of course, be sure to keep a SAVE GAME from before you activate the mod. I don’t anticipate issues, but your computer isn’t mine and I have no control over it. Better safe than sorry.

That said:

Simply put, you must install SKYRIM SCRIPT EXTENDER (SKSE), and should install ENBOOST (or a full ENB).

For those who are experiencing less than ideal playing conditions; be it stuttering, freezes or crashes. Often this is mod or “dirty save” related, but in other cases memory can become a factor. There are a few essential steps; and a few that are optional.

STEP ONE: SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)

First let’s make sure you have SKSE installed and set up to handle memory settings. This can be achieved by;

Download this SKSE.ini

and either edit the values in your copy of “DataSkseSkse.ini”; or put this .ini in “Skyrim Root FolderDataSKSE”.

If you aren’t using Hi-res face textures and makeup you can create or edit SKSE.ini with the following settings:






ENB is a graphic and memory enhancement tool.  ENB is often used to increase and improve the graphic capabilities of Skyrim.  For the purposes of this discussion, we are only focusing on ENB’s Memory Management.


– I have more than 6 GBs of physical SYSTEM RAM (Windows Key+Pause Break Key will take you right to a screen with this information.)

– I have a Pre-Existing ENB or I AM USING ENBoost;

Anyone with RAM matching or exceeding 3.2 GBs should be using the ENBoost patch or a full ENB. It allows the game to use more RAM than normal 32 bit applications.

If you do not have an ENB and DO NOT want one; download and install ENBoost, you will also need to use ENB Binary 0.236 found at ENBDEV

Open the ENB Binary folder and extract everything in the “Wrapper” folder into the Skyrim Root Directory (not Data (one level below) – example .Skyrim).

Now take an ENBlocal.ini from the ENBoost Archive that fits your hardware (based on Video card brand and VRAM amount) and replace the one located in your Skyrim folder (one level below Data).

ONCE you have ENBoost installed; open the Skyrim Root Directory and open the ENBlocal.ini with notepad. Check the following settings and alter them appropriately.


The above setting determines whether you have a full ENB or you are using ENBoost. Users using ENBoost should set this to true, otherwise if using a full ENB leave as false.  Also set the following:


Note: Setting to False can reduce stuttering or set to true for high end systems with high end video cards

Note : The ‘VideoMemorySizeMb=” value is best determined with the following formula:  (VRAM-128) in MBs.
Let’s say for example that your Video Card has 2 GBs of RAM. Your Formula would be:
2048 (Video Card RAM (VRAM) of 2 GBs converted to MBs) – 128 MBs (reserved for the Operating System)
so you would put:


This value is very important and should be the coupled with;



Note: AFTER you install the ENB binaries and configure it to your system settings. If you have trouble running Skyrim via SKSE and experience a CTD at the Bethesda Logo Screen, it is most likely due to your system missing the DirectX 9 Library.

To get the DirectX  9 Libary, visit this link.

For further information about stabilizing Skyrim, please visit:

Thanks to CRUSHBOSS for add’l information.