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Armors are distributed ONLY to Warzones NPCs.  No vanilla records were altered in the making of this Armory.  This means that imperials and Stormcloaks in Warzones will be better dressed that their counterparts on the homefronts.

Armors/Weapons are all leveled to vanilla conventions to exact specifications.  This means that Ebony quality items won’t be appearing at level 4, but rather somewhere around level 35.  Commanders have access to higher level weapons 10 levels sooner than regular foot soldiers.  Therefore, a Commander can get ebony quality at the characters level 25 rather than 35.

Armor lists are unique to the factions.  There are also separate sets for Mage class, Archer class, Foot Soldier class and Commander units.  Weapons are NOT faction specific and are divide into only 3 categories.  Commanders, Archer and Standard.