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Look, here’s the deal.  You and I have different systems and there is a very good reason why battles on the scope of WARZONES don’t exist in the vanilla game…

… that reason is that NOT EVERYONE CAN handle the added stress on their computers.


There’s a “limit” to every machine and when it reaches that limit is just – basically – dies.

Whether you like it or not, Skyrim is a 32-bit game and has limits (even with ENBoost and SKSE).

Think of the game as a cup.  If you keep filling this cup, eventually it will overflow.  In this analogy, think of Warzones as a firehose, capable of delivering a lot of liquid really quickly.

I am not a computer engineer so I won’t be able to troubleshoot your machine specs.  Also, I really have no idea how well you’ve optimized your machine, whether your drives are fragmented, whether you’re playing a “pirate” version (and I don’t want to know if you are), whether you prefer COCA-COLA over PEPSI… none of that info is going to help me  help you.

Rule of thumb : TRY IT.  If you’re having a few too many crashes for your taste, try setting the spawn-count to 1.

The best I can offer is that I don’t release the mod until I’ve tested it on my machine and experienced no crashes.  I cannot possibly test every single outcome of every single quest using every single mod.


If you’ve chosen to install WARZONES without following the procedure to clean your existing Save Game, then please, I insist that you do before contacting me about bugs.  I will request your Papyrus Log and I’ll know if you cleaned your SaveGame or not.



To get the best results while playing WARZONES, you may want to consider these.  I know it’d suck to have to compromise, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do:

  • High-res texture replacers.
  • Other NPCs/Creature Mods. Although I have tested and played with a number of mods installed, your results may vary.
  • How many “fixes” have you applied?
  • How many “improvements” have you made to your INI?
  • Have you tried to further optimize your computer now that you’ve gotten this mod?
  • Did you set your UGRIDS to load to 7 or more because you thought that was a good idea? It’s not.
  • Are your draw distances all maxed out?
  • Did you upgrade your shadows via the INI to very high quality, distance, redraw and softness?
  • Are you trying to push too many visual effects such as AA, AO, ENB, FXAA and the like?


Now THOSE crashes I want to hear about.  Try to be as specific as you can and try to be sure that you can REPEAT the crash/bug.  Isolated incidents of oddness will be chalked up to “sh*t happens”.


For further information about stabilizing Skyrim, please visit: