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Well let’s start with armor; quite a few new armor sets added by Warzones now; all of them are designated to either the Imperials, or the Stormcloaks.

Now mind you, you CANNOT just hop in and start crafting all of the armors to your heart’s content.  Only a STORMCLOAK can craft STORMCLOAK armor; Likewise only and IMPERIAL can craft IMPERIAL armor.  If you are neither you cannot craft ANY of it; and if you are a STORMCLOAK you will NEVER be able to craft IMPERIAL armor.  This is non-negotiable, don’t ask us to change it we won’t.

This is one method of keeping the clutter in the crafting menus to a minimum.  The armors will appear in stat appropriate categories given that you

1) Are a member of the corresponding faction and

2) Meet the Smithing perk requirements.



Weapons are less restrictive than the armors.  You can craft the included weapons at any point in the game, regardless of faction allegiance or lack thereof.  Provided of course that you have the appropriate perks.  Weapons will also appear in stat appropriate categories.