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“Compatibility” is a broad term used in far too many discussions about Skyrim mods… this page will address potential issues with other mods and suggest solutions that can be done without a “Patch” mod.

These are my conclusions, drawn from User Requests, as such, the mod you’re most interested in may not be listed here.  If you are experiencing troubles you believe can be directly attributed to an incompatibility between the mod you’re interested in and WARZONES 2015, please submit a proper request via this link. 

A list of mods deemed compatible by our users with no further need of setting adjustment or patches can be found by clicking here.

This list may contain potential SPOILERS.


Issue: WZ’s test area MT PAIN partially overlaps the new city added by this mod.
Solution: Prior to entering the area, use the console command to disable MT PAIN : set WZonesSelectMtPain to 0

Hanali Fire and Ice Lunari Follower – Standalone :
Issue : Presence of a Warzone in the vicinity of Robber’s Gorge
Solution : Disable ROBBER’S GORGE Warzone via MCM

Immersive Armors:
Issue : For some users CTDs may happen in WZs due to IA attempting to add armor to WZNPCs.  This does not happen to all players and may be due to a combination of other things. WZ TEAM is unable to replicate the problem, but place this here as a caution.
Solution : Disable the WZ ARMORY via MCM.

Legendary Cities – Tes Arena – Skyrim Frontier Fortress by Jabr
Issue : Tent in WZ REDORAN PLAINS clipping with BLACKMOOR
Solution 01 : Disable REDORAN PLAINS via MCM
Solution 02 : Enter console (~), mouse-click on the tent, type “disable” (no quotes).  The tent will disappear without need to disable the entire WZ.  Repeat with any other items as necessary.