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Short answer: WARZONES and WARZONES : ASSAULT ATTACK are completely compatible with CIVIL WAR OVERHAUL if you have a system that can handle it.  Bear in mind that there are a number of known-issues with CWO that may cause quests to fail or other oddities. Fixes/solutions for the majority of these appear on the CWO NEXUS description page.

So, I’ve been asked to compare WZ and CWO… here’s the answer I gave on the NEXUS:

Okay, this is going to be as objective as I can make it – and I suppose this question was inevitable.

I want to state up front that I obviously know far more about WARZONES than I do about CWO and none of what I say should be taken as a slight against ApolloDown or CWO. CWO may have functions that I am unaware of so please don’t take the below as a comprehensive list. Also, I may be wrong in stating some of this as I can’t work on modding and use CWO at the same time.

Interestingly, the two mods aren’t at all similar except on the face of things and we’ve had many users who enjoy the combination of both. In fact, the general consensus has been that you don’t need to choose one over the other.

WZ is a combat mod that adds battles and random encounters. It also adds rabbits. But mostly battles… big, small, medium battles. Does it bring more than just CW battles? Yes. Tons. Tons more. But at the end of the day, they’re all battles of some kind or other.


WARZONES adds battles and random encounters throughout the world conditioned upon (but not limited to) the progress of the Civil War.
CWO does not, but does expand upon the CW.

WARZONES allows the user to adjust the general spawn count of the NPCs. Users may test how their rig behaves by increasing or decreasing the SpawnCount in MCM.
CWO does not have this feature.

WARZONES adds faction battles besides just SC v IMP.
CWO does not to my knowledge.

WARZONES allows you to toggle off many WZs via MCM as you like.
CWO does not to my knowledge.

WARZONES has a robust RandomEncounter System.
CWO does not to my knowledge.

WARZONES expands many CW Fort Sieges to include areas surrounding the Forts/Cities. For instance, in the SIEGE OF WHITERUN, the entire city will be surround by battles.
CWO also enhances these SIEGES and the mechanics of SIEGES but in a different way, more contained to the original battle sites.

WARZONES adds triggered Skirmishes thoughout the world during specific conditions. For example, should you be tasked to taking over Fort Greymoor, you will likely encounter skirmishes along your route. Once you take the Fort, those skirmishes will disappear.
CWO does not to my knowledge.

CWO attempts to rebuild the vanilla Civil War to what ApolloDown believes it should have been – or rather, had the potential to be before (he posits) the gaveDevs had to rush to market. This makes it a major and ambitious overhaul.
WZ does not, but rather “hooks” into the vanilla Civil War for triggering larger battles. These triggers will work with CWO.

CWO creates what ApolloDown calls a more “dynamic” Civil War in that you can now lose Fort Sieges and if I read him correctly, the CW is now more “radiant”.

CWO adds “extras” to the factions. For instance, Giants on the SC side.
WZ does not.

CWO adds “spies”, I think (Eggs Benedict Arnold), and maybe some other new inclusions.
WZ does not… but… in an upcoming Add-on we will be adding many new inclusions and fun things that go boom.


CWO requires a new save. The reasons are obvious… ApolloDown has altered vanilla scripts.
WZ does not require a new save, but does require you follow our directions for installation.

CWO cannot be removed mid-game.
WZ can be removed safely mid-game so long as you follow the procedure on our docu-site.

Both require clean and optimized games. Since WZ can be added mid-game, you are required to follow our instructions for preparing. Since CWO cannot be added mid-game, you are required to follow ApolloDown’s instructions and start a new game.


Has more than a little to do with you, the user and your expectations upon your rig… but…

Both mods have been reported as ‘buggy’. WZv5B in particular developed a negative reputation once it became outdated, but reports on WZ15 are far more favorable, and as from Skyrimhitsta, WZ15 has been rock-solid for over a year and thousands of users. We’re proud of that. CWO was reportedly initially a bug-fest, but that too has been in regular updates.

Both mods are scripted. The only unscripted mod I know of for “good battle” is IMMERSIVE PATROLS – thereby making it the most “stable” of the 3. However, it does not provide the scale or options that either WZ or CWO does. I am told all three can play well together – again, provided you have a system that can handle it.

CWO alters vanilla scripts.
WZ does not.

CWO has far more scripts than WZ does, however I cannot tell you what CWO’s do since ApolloDown did not include the source code in his mod.

CWO sometimes requires a console command be entered in order to “fix” something. These are all well documented on the mod’s page and while I don’t personally consider that “fixes”, I do applaud that most bugs have workarounds.
WZ should never require you to enter console.

WZ can exacerbate Skyrim’s inherent “over 60FPS problem” which can result in “flying animals” who tragically fall to a miserable death. The fix is to enable VSYNC and limit your framerate to under 60.
CWO does not seem to exacerbate this Skyrim bug.

From my own personal experience reading 100s of user’s Papyrus logs, WZ15 is probably more ‘stable’ in terms of errors. But it is impossible to tell if the users actually followed the CWO instructions or not. I believe ApolloDown has worked out a method to either eliminate or mask these errors in Papyrus – and I believe his philosophy about Papyrus errors differs from ours.

WZ may be more prone to over-extending your resources than CWO due to the potentially massive increase in NPCs and what level of texture resolution you have on them. I recommend starting with the default Spawncount of 1 and the default Low resolution textures.

CWO is more likely to “break” a Quest because it changes them. Again, the CWO documentation will tell you all about it and how to fix it should you experience issues.
WZ does not “break” Quests to our knowledge.

Hope this is helpful.