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Minor update to users who may be using the popular spawn boosting mod ASIS – Automatic Spells Increased Spawns

WARZONES 2015 and greater is now released to you as primarily an .ESP.

ESM versions of Warzones are already compatible. But for those of you using a WZONES 2015 release in conjunction with A.S.I.S. please add these .inis and then go to the following folder

Steam Steamapps Common Skyrim Data Skyproc Patchers ASIS TweakInis
Open the ASIS.ini in notepad

Under “[Mod Exclusions]” you’ll see “WARZONES – Civil Unrest.esm”.

If you use the .ESP version of WARZONES swap the “m” to a “p” and you’re good to go.

Re-run the ASIS.jar to apply the changes.