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Whether you like it or not, Skyrim is a 32-bit game and has limits (even with ENBoost and SKSE).

Think of the game as a cup.  If you keep filling this cup, eventually it will overflow.  In this analogy, think of Warzones as a firehose, capable of delivering a lot of liquid really quickly.

To get the best results while playing WARZONES, you may want to consider this checklist of resource hungry things:


  • High-res texture replacers.


  • Other NPCs/Creature Mods. Although I have tested and played with a number of mods installed, your results may vary.


  • How many “fixes” have you applied?


  • How many “improvements” have you made to your INI?


  • Have you tried to further optimize your computer now that you’ve gotten this mod?


  • Did you set your UGRIDS to load to 7 or more because you thought that was a good idea? It’s not.


  • Are your draw distances all maxed out? They shouldn’t be.


  • Did you upgrade your shadows via the INI to very high quality, distance, redraw and softness?


  • Are you trying to push too many visual effects such as AA, AO, ENB, FXAA and the like?