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Forzane – Quality Check, Texture Compression and a bit of beta testing
SilentSpike69 – Initial Work on the McM Menu
Undivide – A great deal of help remapping the meshes to the new directories



BACKGROUND IMAGES : Gustave Doré (1832-1883)

ScreenGrab Images used throughout this site:


ARMORY : Credit Where Credit is Due

Grand Bulwark went to great pains to secure permissions to incorporate the finest mods available on the Nexus.

We’d like to thank each and every one of these talented modders for their hard work…

(Parentheses “()” followed by “appears as” annotates what the armor/weapon’s name is in the game. If it does not have such an annotation, then it is named the same, or very similar to it’s mod of origin)

Madcat221 for the following; – Robed Steel Plate Armor(Appears as Stormcloak Rown Armor)

Natterforme for the following – Imperial Mage Armor(appears as Imperial Clericus Armor) – Nordic Adventurers Armor(Appears as Stormcloak Thengn Armor)

Lumps for the following; – Heroic Stormcloak Armor(Appears As Stormcloak Ráoningar Armor)

Rahman530 for the following; – Lore Friendly Armor Pack(Two Sets Ancient Nord Barbarian as Stormcloak Thrall Armor and Heroic Imperial as Centurion Armor) THRALL ARMOR RETEXTURED by SikSikSikki

Gechbal for the following; – Stormlord Armor(Appears as Stormcloak Herse Armor) – Emperor’s Will(Appears as Imperial Imperator Armor) – Hevno Dovah(Appears as Hevno Al)

Newermind43 for the following; – Imperial Assassin Armor(Appears as Imperial Sagittarii Armor) RETEXTURED By MTindle

FrankDema for the following; – Stormcloak Explorer Armor(Appears as Stormcloak Frimager Armor) – Wanderer Cuirass(Appears as Stormcloak Orvar Armor) RETEXTURED By FadingSignal – Nordic Conqueror Armor(appears as Stormcloak Huskarl Armor) RETEXTURED by Frozunswaidon – Nordic Ranger Outfit(appears as stormcloak Rÿnstr Outfit and Sturdy Backpack) RETEXTURED By FrozunSwaidon
CDPROJEKT for various meshes from the Witcher II used in mashups
Cabal120 for the original Textures for the Wanderer Cuirass

Standalone09 for for the following(All additional Credit info Required); – Peace Lily(appears as Prideful Sword) – Original Design by: Brendan Olszowy. – This Weapon – Passion Never Dies(appears as Redeemer’s Sword) – Original Design by: Brendan Olszowy. – This Weapon – Hirl Sword(Appears as Praetorian Greatsword/Sword/Dagger) – Original Design By – InnomineDomini(appears as Devoted Sword) -Original Design by – Purifier(appears as regicide Sword/Greatsword) – Alduin’s Claw(appears as Harlequin Dagger) – Truth(appears as Epitaph Sword) – Dagger of Time(Appears as Wyvern’s Talon) – Runic Sword(appears as Grus Sword)
Foxia, Guardian300, Exeter, an Dimon99 for the following; – Stormcloak Battle Armor(appears as Stormcloak Dreng Armor)
And Foxia and Guardian300 for; – Stormcloak Ranger Armor(appears as Stormcloak Svein Armor)

Maty743 for the Following; – Legionary Vanguard Armor(appears as Imperial Hastiliarius Armor) – Fountain Guard Armor(appears as Imperial Cataphractarii Armor) RETEXTURED by Frozunswaidon – Matys Mithril(Appears as Imperial Velites Armor) – Matys Medieval Knights(Appears as Imperial Duplicarius, Prefectus and Decanus Armors)) RETEXTURED by Soolie – Knights of the Nine battlemage submod(Appears as Imperial Praefator Armor) RETEXTURED by Frozunswaidon USES Soolies Environment Maps and Normals for the Medieval Knights Set

Corvalho1 for the following; – Sword of Ancient Tongues(Appears as Merciful Sword/Greatsword) – Scarlet Vengeance(appears as Vengeful Sword) – Valiant Nord Bow(Appears as Wolf Bow/Arrow)

InsanitySorrow for the Following; – The Stamford(Appears as Oathkeeper Sword) – The Thegn(Appears as Lightbringer Sword) – The Bastard(Appears as Monarch Greatswords/Regent Swords)
Silver Bow – Download link no longer available
Iron Bow – Download link no longer available
Glass Bow – Download link no longer available
Steel Bow – Download link no longer available

Millenia, MTindle and Siksiksikki for the following; – Wrath of Potema – Wolfqueens Hunger(appears as Avenged Sword)

Timmy19992 for the following; – TWM Falkreath Ranger Armor(appears as Stormcloak Flyn Armor) RETEXTURED by Frozunswaidon

GuitunScarfin for the following; – Apotheus Light Armor(Imperial Ballistarius Armor) RETEXTURED by Frozunswaidon

OutLaw666 for the following; – Scoped Longbows

Zikoru for the Following; – Venus(appears as Ravenbrand Sword/Greatsword – Terra(appears as Terror Sword/Greatsword) – Sol(appears as Wrath Sword/Greatsword) – Luna(appears as Tormented Sword/Greatsword) – Mars(Widowmaker Sword/Greatsword)

en3raider for the following; – The Storm Shield(appears as Legionary Shield) – Legion Master Shield(appears as Sons of Skyrim Shield)

Ali Bengali for the Following; – Perfect Legionnaire – Imperial Armor Reforged 5-0(appear as Imperial Munifex, Peditatus, Munifex and Praetor Armors) (Sets Made Standalone by GrandBulwark)

navida1 for the following; closefaced helmets(Imperial helmet model used in Perfect Legionaire sets; and in heroic Imperial Set)
Johnskyrim for the following; Imperial Legion Shield(appears as Legion Crested Shield)

Omegared99 for the following; – Gallery of Armor(Windhelm Steel appears as Stormcloak Merkismathr Armor; Solitude Plate appears as Imperial Tribune Armor)

MTindle and OutbreakDV for the following; – Albion Swords – The Chieftain – Albion Swords – The Sherwood – Albion Swords – The Cluny

drsoupiii for the following; – Mead Keg Backpack

RenderLegion for the following; – Roman Legionary Shield(appears as Imperial Tower Shield) – Roman Auxiliary Shield(appears as Imperial Auxiliary Shield)

Kimono for the Following; – Witchers Silver Sword(appears as Primal Sword/Greatsword)


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