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My thinking on “my return” was simple, really:

I don’t like leaving things unfinished.

I was very aware that I had left my Skryim mods before:

  • Bethesda actually finished the game
  • “Cleaning” tools like TESVEDIT and WRYE BASH were released
  • MCM was available
  • Memory Management for Skyrim was understood
  • All the official DLCs were out.

It bummed me out a bit because I’d spent many hours making the mods and I was proud of them – so in the back of my mind, I always figured I’d get back around to them and fix ’em up… but real-life responsibilities have to take priority…

About 5 months ago, I had nothing to do for a day or so, so I dug around the Nexus. I was mindful that I had left the mods unfinished and figured I could do a quick update/clean and wrap them up.

I came across Grand Bulwark’s page on which he had WZ listed in the “blacklist”… so I wrote him a note which said, in a nutshell:

“Put up or shut up.”

More precisely, I invited him to explain – exactly – what the trouble with WZv5B was, how it could be fixed (now with the benefit of 2 years advances in Skyrim tech) and if he was using the buzz-terms “dirty edits”, “bloated save” and whatever other ones properly or if he was just vomiting back what he’d “heard” and perpetuating the rumor-mill.

Turns out, he opted to “put up” and now we’re buddies.  Grand Bulwark recruited our team and with our combined knowledge and efforts, we have rebuilt WARZONES.

Had I not found a collaborator as interested in collaboration as he was, I would have just run WZ through TESVEDIT, removed the helper and been done with it. But he was excited to repair and expand WZ… and here we are.



WZv5B worked for a load of people. There were stalwart defenders of the mod in the Nexus comments for years after I “left” all of which would say “it works if you do a, b and c”. And, obviously, there were the detractors that, for whatever reasons legitimately had problems with WZv5B. Honestly, I expect some of that to happen again ’cause WZ is a big mod and everyone has different systems.

I’m not saying that WZv5B wasn’t flawed – in fact, it was “unclean” because TESVEDIT wasn’t available at the time to clean the mod… WZv5B wasn’t updated to the final version of the game – because the game wasn’t “final” when I had to go off and attend to real-life concerns… many tools available now were not available then… and, taking ownership of some of the issues, I was learning (always am).

Hate to say it, but I found myself in a defensive position with dwindling free-time…

… and being in a defensive position on a hobby is hardly worth the energy. I honestly became disinterested in helping those that refused to help themselves (have you looked at your Papyrus log recently?). And REALLY tired of explaining the notion that a 32-bit game engine (pre ENBBOOST and SKSE memory hacks) has limitations… like a cup, you can only fill it so much before it spills over… so it was a combination of things – including real-life – that led to my discontinuing the work on WZv5B.

As MostlySlowJoe said once, “you gotta give a little with your take”.

Let’s be honest most users (especially back then) were ignorant of how resources are used.

I’m not blaming anyone or anything, simply stating the facts of the time.

When we decided to revisit it, we found that there really was only one major problem and that was the Helper (The God of Warzones). SAVE BLOAT – although I never personally experienced it – seems to have legitimately been caused by his code so he’s gone.

There were other bits of sloppiness that became evident as I deconstructed what I’d done which may or may not have contributed to issues some users were having. It was obvious that there were some “growing pains” left within the mod (y’know, a variety of methods to do the same thing as I’d developed and learned)…

Anyway, enough of that looking backwards stuff…

…NOW : With the help of Deapri, Grand Bulwark and Tony971, I’ve rescripted most of it, killed the “helper”, added an MCM, added TONS more dynamic WZs, random WZs, daytime WZs, nighttime WZs, WZs that only show up every now and again, so on so forth. Many of the “original WZs” remain, but are now more randomized making it not “always on”. It’s really pretty exciting…

– David (MyGoodEye)